[Interest] Issue updating from kubuntu 10.04 to kubuntu 12.04 (pangolin)

jaume dominguez faus jaume at land.aau.dk
Tue May 1 11:14:02 CEST 2012

Thank you Constantin, Harri and Alexander. All of you had a bit of the 
solution for the problem.

1) yes, once deleted all the pro.user files, the meego dialog box is gone.
2) yes, the maintainers are somehow discarding the multimedia part of qt 
by default.
         i) the voice recording is not correctly set up or it is set up 
differently in this version because:
              a) the audio recording examples are missing

3) the multimedia library I used to use was included by QT += multimedia 
and now it seems to be QT += multimediakit instead
4) suprisingly, the compiler had something to do as well because

          a) this macro
             #define for_each(_type,_iter,_coll) for (_type::iterator 
_iter = _coll.begin(); _iter != _coll.end(); _iter++)
              which worked perfectly before is not valid anymore (this 
is probably some gcc's release notes I did not noticed)
          b) NULL is not recognised by default and now I have to 
#include <cstddef>

all in all, it seems like I was a bit old-fashioned :)

On 05/01/2012 09:20 AM, Alexander Semke wrote:
>> The first thing the "new" QtCreator (version 2.4.1) complains about is a
>> dialog with title "Error creating MeeGo templates" and the text "Unable
>> to create Debian templates: No Qt version set". If I continue (click
>> "Ok") and launch the build I get this error
> Try to deactivate the meego-plugin, if you don't need it. I don't have any
> QtCreator here right now and I'm not sure where this plugin is named like
> this. Just have a look at the plugin-list (help-menu/plugins) and deactivate
> the stuff you don't need.
>> In file included from /usr/include/c++/4.6/bits/stl_algo.h:62:0,
>> [...]
> There is no error here. The error message comes a couple of lines later. Post
> these lines.
> Alexander

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