[Interest] unable to cross-compile my Qt 5 program for BeagleBoard-xM

Stephan Kanthak stylon at gmx.de
Wed Nov 21 09:05:01 CET 2012

Hi Steve,

I'm posting this back on the mailing list as this is probably info that 
others find useful, too.

On 11/21/2012 04:53 AM, VStevenP wrote:
> I would like to ask your opinion... Is it best to install the Qt 
> cross-compiled output directly to the root of the ext3 fs on the 
> micro-SD card?  I'm trying to understand the most desirable workflow.
> For now, I set my configure "prefix" to point to a 'staging' 
> directory.  So the Qt 5 Beta 2 cross-compiled output went there. 
>  Then, I copied all the needed shared objects from that QT 
> cross-compile output lib dir and also from the arm toolchain lib dir 
> into /usr/lib on the micro-SD card.  Then, when I ran my program on 
> the BB, it resolved all the shared libraries.  Is this how you do it, too?
Yes, inspired by buildroot which I also use to compile some libraries 
(e.g. alsa, dbus, gstreamer, etc.), I install everything to a staging 
directory first (still includes all dev files) and then create a 
separate stripped filesystem from that by simple copy. For the root 
filesystem I use mksquashfs as it's then compact, fast and easy to flash 
in one single piece.

> The only problem I have right now is that I did not know where to copy 
> the QPA platform plugins onto the card, so my program can not detect 
> the eglfs plug-in.
Qt5 installs them to <staging>/usr/plugins and that's where they end up 
on the target filesystem, too. The trick is to create a qt.conf in the 
directory of your final executable (e.g. qmlscene) that points to the 
base QTDIR. I placed mine into <staging>/usr/bin next to qmlscene:

Prefix = /usr/

All this is most likely documented somewhere, but I found out a bit by 
trial and error :-).

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