[Interest] Future of Qt Opensource SDK?

Attila Csipa qt at csipa.in.rs
Fri Oct 12 16:04:22 CEST 2012

On 10/12/2012 03:56 PM, Wolfgang Baron wrote:
> Hi Bo Thorsen,
> 2012-10-12T11:47:02+0200 Bo Thorsen <bo at fioniasoftware.dk>:
>> You have to download Qt creator and Qt separately.
> Where can I get all the additional stuff then, which enables me to compile
> and deploy on mobile devices and the emulator?

I think it's easier the other way round (add new Qt and QtCreator in the 
old SDK). Note that AFAIK some of the targets (most notably Symbian) 
have been known to be broken/untested/removed in newer versions of 
QtCreator, so there's not much point releasing it... QtCreator 2.6 seems 
to work OK-ish (with a few caveats, admittedly) if you use it as a 
drop-in replacement for the 2.4 shipped in the old QtSDK (I use that 
combo for building/deploying things to Harmattan devices).


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