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On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 6:51 PM, Attila Csipa <qt at csipa.in.rs> wrote:

> I personally never was too great of a fan of the Simulator, but what's
> the problem with the deployment code? A lot of that is either target
> dependant (=deprecated if it's for Symbian/Maemo) and/or still in
> QtCreator. To make it worse, IANAL, but it sounds to me it's not only a
> technical question, but also legal as you can't (re)distribute the Nokia
> sysroots/toolchains (so you would still need to download the old SDK and
> hack out pieces into your install...). Of course if under embedded you
> meant something non-Nokia related, it's a different story, IMBWOTO but
> those targets were never part of the 'default' Qt SDK
> distributions/installs.
I agree you with Simulator issue but then about other targets. Symbian is
but other Mobile targets were not. The  strength of Qt is being cross
platform and that's not
only that you could get Qt libraries that support multiple platforms bot
also that you could
use your QtCreator to compile same projects for multiple platforms.

To Qt survive in mobile space, the Qt SDK is must and it rather should be
to support also platforms that were not in Nokia version, Android and iOS.
Currently they are in separate OSS branch that comes with their own
Even larger proble that having separate QtCreator for every mobile target
is that no-one of them
accepts same  project .pro.usr . So, when I compile my application with
standard QtSDK,
i lose all my Android or iOS project settings.

I don't yet know what is Digia's plan in future with Mobile platforms but
we should have SDK where new targets could be installed under same SDK as
plugins and
if there is in .pro.user target that is not supported by current , it is
just ignored and not rejected.

There is no legal problems and no need to distribute any proprietary stuff
with SDK. Extra
proprietary components could be downloaded and installed separately with

As mobile targets, may be Symbian is deprecated but MeeGo lives via Mer and
Android and iOS are mandatory parts of SDK if we would like to call it as a
cross platform.


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