[Interest] Future of Qt Opensource SDK?

Attila Csipa qt at csipa.in.rs
Fri Oct 12 17:51:49 CEST 2012

On 10/12/2012 06:03 PM, Bo Thorsen wrote:
> I think it's easier the other way round (add new Qt and QtCreator in the
> old SDK).
> I have done this, but if you don't need the simulator or the embedded
> devices targets, there's no point in it.

Well, the 2.6 does have plenty of nifty features (lots of refactoring, 
C++11, some new platforms, etc) over the 2.4, but I guess it really 
depends on the actual person just how much that adds to the value of the 
whole thing. The concept of kits in the 2.6 beta was 'invented' to take 
a shot at exactly at this problem of compiler/debugger/library/device 

>>    QtCreator 2.6 seems
>> to work OK-ish (with a few caveats, admittedly) if you use it as a
>> drop-in replacement for the 2.4 shipped in the old QtSDK (I use that
>> combo for building/deploying things to Harmattan devices).
> The hidden point in your mail here is that at this point anyone who
> needs a working environment for a target system is left to try and
> figure out a good combination of Qt, Creator and perhaps SDK. That is
> about as bad a situation as possible :(

With a bit of exaggeration, that has been the case pretty much 
throughout the life of the 'joint' Qt SDK (I think we're mixing two 
things here, there used to be a [desktop] Qt SDK and a Nokia Qt SDK, 
later merged into one, now the 'original' Qt SDK slated for 
resurrection, which I believe is what Thiago is talking about).
> It would be great if the simulator and deployment code was picked up by
> some people and released as an add on to Creator.

I personally never was too great of a fan of the Simulator, but what's 
the problem with the deployment code? A lot of that is either target 
dependant (=deprecated if it's for Symbian/Maemo) and/or still in 
QtCreator. To make it worse, IANAL, but it sounds to me it's not only a 
technical question, but also legal as you can't (re)distribute the Nokia 
sysroots/toolchains (so you would still need to download the old SDK and 
hack out pieces into your install...). Of course if under embedded you 
meant something non-Nokia related, it's a different story, IMBWOTO but 
those targets were never part of the 'default' Qt SDK 


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