[Interest] Qt 5 and Mac App Store

Chris Meyer cmeyer1969+qt at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 17:14:01 CEST 2012

> However I wouldn't know why you wanted to "security-scope" a given
> file if the intention was *not* to place it into the Recent Files
> menu, too - I currently just don't see any other use case than the
> "Recent Files". So why not come up with a QRecentFileMenu (which would
> be a welcomed class anyway) which would transparently handle the
> appropriate platform-specific APIs for us (i.e. be "sandbox-aware")?

My application keeps a main document and a list of linked photos and
movies that go into the document. The linked files would require me to
keep around a "security scope" for the files. I've opted not to make
the intrusive changes (for now) that have little or no benefit to an
end user, and probably are in fact detrimental to usability.
Nevertheless, it's another use case.

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