[Interest] Where are the 5.2 VS2012 x86 OpenGL binaries

Koehne Kai Kai.Koehne at digia.com
Thu Dec 12 11:17:57 CET 2013

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> Subject: [Interest] Where are the 5.2 VS2012 x86 OpenGL binaries
> Why are they not part of this release, but only VS2010 comes with x86
> OpenGL support?
> For the desktop I would love to go completly without any dependency on
> OpenGL but since that is not an option anymore (QtGUI depends on it for
> whatever reason) I would like to have the smallest deploy size possible and
> that is the OpenGL version, not the "non OpenGL" version that uses this
> ANGLE wrapper for DirectX (which is provided as binaries for VS2012 x86).
> Ideas? Reason?

The problem is the number of combinations: compiler x bitness x anglevsopengl. We simply don’t have the resources to compile & test every single one of them, and even if we had: Every new configuration increases the risk that 'something' goes bonkers during the release process.

Let's hope that we'll eventually get rid of the angle vs opengl split at configure time, so that we can have one package. Until then, you'd either compile yourself, or live with the additional libs, which are arguably not that big (761kb)...

If you care about sizes, you should rather look into stripping content out of ICU (24 MB in stock configuration) ;)


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