[Interest] QStackedWidget : hide user controls

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Fri Jun 14 10:40:56 CEST 2013


Please keep the discussion on the list.

Op 14-6-2013 10:32, Etienne Sandré-Chardonnal schreef:
> OK,
> I'm still not convinced with the logic behind it though. There are two 
> simple ways to preview all pages without typing a single line of code:
>  - Change the page in designer, then start preview for each page
That prevents you from spotting things like different margins on 
different pages, causing widgets to appear to jump around. Being able to 
quicly change tabs in preview allows you to spot that. Also, which page 
is first is part of the design of the form, and I don't want to change 
the design in order to preview it.
>  - Add a QComboBox with page names and connect its item changed slot 
> to QStackedWidget set page slot.
So, you suggest actually changing the design of the form just to be able 
to preview it? Who says I want to use a combo box in my form? Perhaps I 
want to use a tree view. Or a completely custom widget. Or...
> Issue is the arrows are included in the layout and take space, which 
> is screwing up the sheet design. It would be better, at least, to 
> overlay the arrows instead of using layout for displaying them. The 
> most valuable use of designer for me is it allows to optimize design 
> and layout visually very quickly. That's just a suggestion though...
AFAIK, the arrows *are* overlayed. They do not take their own space. But 
if they turn out not to be, it's a good suggestion.


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