[Interest] Run Console and windows screen

Tony Rietwyk tony at rightsoft.com.au
Sat Oct 26 05:10:03 CEST 2013

Hi Daniel, 


I'm still confused...  you haven't said how you want to get the results into
the window app: 


- Is the console application already written, and you want to read the
output and update your window? 


- Or you want the console application to send the data and results to the
window app some other way? 


- Or do you want to incorporate the algorithm code into a window app, and
therefore don't actually need the console? 


- Or something else...?







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Thanks again Frank


I think a picture worth a thousand words...


That's what I am trying to do... 




Just remarking some points:


1) I am running under windows, not Linux

2) My focus is on the screen, I have the algorithm

3) It is not a homework... is a self learning effort, I am a researcher



Could you gimme some directions?


once again, thanks a lot!


Best regards



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