[Interest] Is there any way to find QML object by id?

Alexander Ivash elderorb at gmail.com
Thu May 22 13:49:55 CEST 2014

>> Alexander, do you have another use case in mind?  It might clarify your>> requirement.  (I haven't played with QML yet but I thought all QObject info>> is exposed to javascript and the components anyway - isn't that how the>> linkage is achieved?)

The only use-case I have in mind is extending functionality of
existing composite QML controls (like ComboBox) in the case if they
don't provide enough public API. For example, I'd like to change font
of editable area in ComboBox and at the moment I don't see how to
achieve it based on the documentation
So the only way I see is to find somehow internal InputText control
and manipulate its style in run-time.
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