[Interest] Indie Mobil Program terminated?

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Sun Jul 5 17:36:34 CEST 2015

El Sunday 05 July 2015, Pau Garcia i Quiles escribió:
>    - Announcement: no announcement
>    - New price: the new price is 350 USD/month. It was 25 USD/month. That's
>    a 1400% increase.
>    - Non-customers: must buy at the new (expensive) price
>    - Current customers: keep the old price and license features
>    - Supported platforms: widens range: from iOS and Android only to iOS,
>    Android, Windows, Linux and Mac
>    - Alternative licenses: open source (unclear status as to iOS App Store)
>    and enterprise (even more expensive).
>    - iOS App Store with open source license: no clear statement. Only
>    ambiguous fear-inducing statements by Digia.

To be fair, I *think* that the new contract includes support, while the old 
did not. Why do I think it instead of knowing it? Because the new website is a 
maze, and I don't know how to find out for sure. In the "download-eval-for-
applications-step-2" page it says: "Timely global support directly from the 
official Qt Support team", but no link or additional explanations of what this 
really entails.

But yes, the LiveCode way seems much more appealing.

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