[Interest] Indie Mobil Program terminated?

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Mon Jul 6 21:49:42 CEST 2015


I do not have any problem if you made a interest list message indicating 
that Qt wants fully engage its self-induced licensing chaos with the 
Indie user base when the principals return from vacation.

But the clumsy BLOG announcement mechanism is a joke.

Someone from sales to scan the lists every day so they can keep their 
fingers on the pulse of things.

When you count the number of issues/sticking points that I and other 
users have publicly raised in this list and the number of those that Qt 
has simply left unaddressed is shocking.

And GENERATING BAD WILL.  Bad for sales.  Bad for confidence.

On more than just the Indie licensing.

We HEAR you about poor sales.  We get it.

But to get this growing pile of issues to settle down, you must directly 
address nearly all of them so that the users are actually satisfied with 
the responses.

Your below response is a great example of an response that does not cut 
the mustard.

Your feedback loops are broken, you likely do not understand segments
of the user base hence your "surprise" about a product no-one has bought.

Ask questions on the list.  Have a dialogue with the Indies when you
get back from Vacation.  Have the sales types bounce questions too.

Qt should have a public goal of getting as many projects into production 
shape as possible.  It makes Qt stronger and more ATTRACTIVE.

If I succeed, or Nuno Santos succeeds, we will be better Qt salespeople 
with our contacts than anybody on your sales team.

Now go enjoy your vacation!

The Indies can help you clean up the crap when you get back.


On 7/6/2015 12:23 PM, Turunen Tuukka wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> The reason why Indie Mobile product is to be discontinued is simple: there has been so few licenses sold that it does not even cover for the cost of online sales, let alone any cost of packaging, testing, distributing etc. We do care about indie developers and the community, but based on the sold Indie Mobile subscriptions it is very clear that there was no demand to this product.
> As also stated in the blog post of today, we are rather surprised that a product that almost no-one has bought is crucially important to so many. For this reason, we decided to have extension until end of August rather that promise that the product is available indefinitely. It will be interesting to see how many decide to purchase it now that it is again available.
> We are continuously thinking of ways to improve our offering and naturally hope to find products that provide new business. We are also very happy that we have an active community and customer base. And we are extremely proud that Qt is a great product, used by a huge number of developers worldwide.
> Yours,
>                  Tuukka
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> Aihe: Re: [Interest] Indie Mobil Program terminated?
> Dear Lars & Turunen:
> Qt has been reading their email, but still appear tone deaf:
>   > http://blog.qt.io/blog/2015/07/06/indie-mobile-available-until-aug-31st/
> There are statements in that blog which strain QT credibility.
> Transparency is only ONE of several significant problems.
> Your feedback loops are apparently broken.
> Community Crisis Response and Pricing Policy VIA BLOG is a
> communications disaster.
> You have manufactured haters which will not evangelize QT, further
> weakening QT now and in the future.
> Failing to have Qt staff directly and completely address many valid
> questions/issues raised in the interest list and blog replies has
> consequences, whether obvious or not.
> Stop saying Open Source successfully replaces Indie, until you can
> provide an articulate and concise page why instead of sending
> all potential Indies to their lawyers to figure it out.  They will not.
> The web site is a confusing MESS. You are LOSING sales because nobody
> can clearly see price VS benefits.
> Like Nunos Santos says: QT Rocks.
> Just not enough people have the time (and now the money) to bet on QT to
> figure it out.
> They need to see other users succeeding, not users bitching.
> This has been a terrible week for QT.
> Mark

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