[Interest] Qt.io confusing website ... where are the pricing table and how to get indie license ?

Bob Hood bhood2 at comcast.net
Sat Jul 18 16:48:01 CEST 2015

On 7/18/2015 8:30 AM, Elvis Stansvik wrote:
> Another small nitpick on that page (see attached screenshot) is the
> two subtitles "Commercial". When they are juxtaposed like that it
> looks kind of weird. It's also weird that they are the _only_
> subtitles under "Qt for Application Development" and "Qt for Device
> Creation".

Not really that weird.  They just pushing the commercial license.  If you want 
LGPL, you have to work harder to find it. :)

But I have agree with some of the sentiments expressed here.  Their not 
selling an application to an end user, they're selling a toolkit to software 
developers.  I think the overall look and feel of the web site was simply 
copied from other sites around the web, but that site design targets the wrong 
kind of audience in this case.

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