[Interest] ListElement value cannot be a property script

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The way I’ve been working around this limitation is to add the list elements programmatically in a Component.onCompleted: script.

                id: example

                               append(“name”: "Alexander<br><font size=\"1\">" + qsTr("Sales Executive, Russia") + "</font>")


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Subject: [Interest] ListElement value cannot be a property script

I have a ListElement as following:

ListElement {

       name: "Alexander<br><font size=\"1\">"+qsTr("Sales Executive, Russia")+"</font>"

And QML complain to load it because I cannot use script as property value for ListElement.

But if I write the following:

ListElement {

       name: qsTr("Alexander<br><font size=\"1\">Sales Executive, Russia</font>”)

QML can load the ListElement and there no more error.

But I would like to don’t include into translation text the HTML tags and text that don’t need to be translated.

So, I can solve the problem and have something similar to the first one that comply with ListElement requirements ?



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