[Interest] How to run a WinRT app on a Window 8 intel tablet?

Kalinowski Maurice Maurice.Kalinowski at theqtcompany.com
Fri Jun 12 09:04:56 CEST 2015


> Hi,
> I have finally managed to compile WinRT 32 with some quirks around the
> path. Trying to migrate one of my apps to WinRT resulted in some problems:
> 1 - It seems that ButtonStyle for QtQuickControls button is not available. Is
> this normal?
>    qt.winrtrunner.app:
> file:///C:/Users/nsantos/Dropbox/workspace/build-tkfx-
> Qt_5_5_0_for_Windows_Runtime_32bit-
> Release/bin/QtQuick/Controls/Styles/Base/ButtonStyle.qml:
> File not found
>    A quick check on the deployed QtQuick/Controls/Styles/Base shows that
> there are no files, however, they are on the respective WinRT qt dir.
> Maybe this is a bug on the deployment tool?
[Kalinowski Maurice] 
Would need to check more, at least locally it works, but apparently your setup seems to be on the "extraordinary" side in many aspects.

> 2 - Also, images doesn't seem to get loaded. I have a warning on the console
> and i'm not sure if it is related somehow: qt.winrtrunner.app:
> libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
[Kalinowski Maurice] 
I guess you did use windeployqt? Which type of image is this? The libpng warning appears on multiple platforms and comes from upstream.

> 3 - Application State changes notifications seem to be buggy and inconstant
> for  ApplicationStarted (random numbers appear insted of the value 4).
> However, it seems to be working for the remaining cases.
> 4 - My app uses Bonjour to browse for network services. I have a QtWrapper
> around dnssd lib from Apple. It works on Mac OSX and Windows Desktop.
> When I start the browser, app stays blocked like if the call was blocking, but
> on the other referred OS's it doesn't.
[Kalinowski Maurice] 
So you compile that on your own? There might be multiple reasons. First assumption would be capabilities (internetclientserver, potentially others). But also note that lots of the API, especially on networking, does not exist anymore for WinRT

> 5 - QtPurchasing is not available (i supposed this wasn't implemented for
> WinRT yet?)
[Kalinowski Maurice] 
Correct, hoping to have some time for that after 5.5.0  is out.


> Any ideas regarding this topics?
> Regards,
> Nuno
> On 04/06/2015 11:57, Nuno Santos wrote:
> > qmake -tp vc CONFIG+=windeployqt
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