[Interest] login.qt.io down => cannot install Qt

Kojo Tero tero.kojo at theqtcompany.com
Mon Apr 11 12:09:55 CEST 2016


Yes, the server went down on Sunday again. Same underlying hardware issue manifested again.
The solution was to move everything out of the troublesome environment right away. That was the unscheduled break this morning.

Full time standby is something that our IT people need to discuss now. We do have monitoring, but lacked the right person on Sunday. Also making the infrastructure more fault tolerant is a must.

Really sorry for the hassle.

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Am 11.04.16 um 09:31 schrieb Richard:
> Kojo Tero <tero.kojo <at> theqtcompany.com> writes:
>> Hi,
>> There was a server incident in the early hours of the night (local 
>> server
> time) and that was fixed as soon as
>> there was someone in the office.
>> It is not mandatory to log in to install Qt.
>> In open source you can skip the login in the installer. (there is the
> option on the screen that asks for your Qt Account)
>> Or download the offline installer and forget the network completely.
>> For a commercial fresh install you do need to log in (or have the 
>> license
> ready), so yes it can be a problem there.
>> We know that every system can fail, but there needs to be some way to
> manage commercial licenses, in practice
>> an online server is the best option.
>> Best regards,
>> Tero
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>>> On Tuesday, April 5, 2016 5:50:20 AM CEST Boris wrote:
>>>> I am installing a new machine and setting up my development
>>> environment.
>>>> However, I cannot install Qt because the Qt installer forces to 
>>>> login to your account, and login.qt.io appears to be down, 
>>>> resulting in a "TIMEOUT" error when trying to login. Anyone has this error as well?
>>>> The blog seems down as well, I get "No application configured" when 
>>>> going
>>> to blog.qt.io.
>>>> Seriously, this is very embarrassing for Digia. Users cannot get 
>>>> work done because of their incredibly bad decision to force users 
>>>> to login to install their software.
>>>> This is both a rant and a feature request: Digia, please make login 
>>>> optional to install your software, because if you think you can 
>>>> guarantee that the login system is never down, you are fooling 
>>>> yourself. Such a lack of professionalism.
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>>> For me both login.qt.io and blog.qt.io are working.
>>> Does this happen within the Maintenance Tool or from the browser?
>>> As long as you not have a commercial license you not need to log in 
>>> to download and install Qt.
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> It's down again. I've been trying for the last hour, and I doubt I was 
> the first.
> Two unscheduled failures lasting several hours within a few days is a 
> rather poor showing.
> I'm also rather concerned that you don't appear to have any 
> out-of-hours server monitoring, especially as commercial users *must* 
> use this server to install Qt.
> Who should commercial users contact to report this in the future?
> A public mailing list seems a little slow. A server failure like this 
> should be getting somebody out of bed to go crank the hamster wheel.
> - Richard
qt.io account was down also yesterday. tried many times.
+1 to implement server monitoring, also please imemdiately twitter the
status as others do. thx.

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