[Interest] Qt3D SceneLoader - adjusting materials when using Collada files exported from Blender

Ola Røer Thorsen ola at silentwings.no
Fri Jul 8 09:54:27 CEST 2016


I need to load some simple 3d scenes into an application using Qt3D,
QtQuick and Qt 5.7.

I've created the scenes in Blender, exported them as Collada files and they
mostly show up in my application unless SceneLoader causes a crash. I'm
using the basic ForwardRenderer frameGraph like so,

    components: [

        RenderSettings {

            activeFrameGraph: ForwardRenderer {

                camera: camera

                clearColor: "lightskyblue"



        InputSettings { }


There is one light source acting as the sun,

    Entity {

        id: sun

        components: [

            DirectionalLight {

                color: Qt.rgba(1,1,1,1)

                worldDirection: Qt.vector3d(0,-1,0)




However the end result is very dark, and it does not seem like any material
changes I do in Blender have much effect on the rendering in my
application. Texturing works OK, the diffuse color is used for texturing.
The ambient light color shows up as completely black, making the scene much
too dark in the shadow areas. Specular is very "hard" which also makes the
overal scene darker. It also seems like only one light source is used when
rendering, even if I define several to try to lighten up the shadows.

If anyone have some hints on how to tune the materials used in a workflow
like this I'd be really happy to hear about it. In general I want to create
a scene in Blender, import it somehow to my application, and render the
scene in a way that doesn't have completely black shadow areas. Is there
some way to tune the materials used by SceneLoader?

For other entities in the scene I'm using the DiffuseMapMaterial which
gives me good results.

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