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Op 05/07/2016 om 07:34 schreef Beemaneni, Bala:
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> Hi Guyz,
> I am using Translations in Qml with linguist ,lupdate and lrelease.It 
> <http://lrelease.It> works fine. But my requirement is , when i have a 
> string say "Hello" in different QML files say 100 places , i do not 
> want to update the respective language string for that in each 
> file.Hence the update should be done in one place so that it reflects 
> everywhere.Currently i do not have much idea how to achieve this? Can 
> anyone suggest the best approach ...
You don't want to do that in the general case, as the same word may need 
to be translated differently depending on context. Linguist will suggest 
a previous translation that you can accept with a single keystroke, but 
it is up to the translater to verify it makes sense in the current context.

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