[Interest] 3D plain rendered on both sides

Igor Mironchik igor.mironchik at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 22:21:07 CEST 2017


08.04.2017 21:38, Sean Harmer пишет:
> Hi,
> On 08/04/2017 15:25, Igor Mironchik wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My custom geometry is plain. On front side it renders, but when I rotate
>> it that only back side is visible then plain doesn't painted. What is
>> the practice in such situation? I tried to defined back side in the
>> geometry with the same positions but with normals looked at back. And
>> this doesn't help. I need a plain that will be rendered on both sides.
> Whether a triangle is considered forward or backward facing is 
> determined by the winding order of the vertices, so you also need to 
> swap the ordering on your other face.
> Alternatively, disable the back face culling renderstate in your 
> material or frame graph. This is enabled by default for performance 
> reasons but if you explicitly need to see the backfaces this can be 
> adjusted.

Great, but I can't find how to disable back face culling renderstate in 

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