[Interest] HTML font family with QTextCursor on Android

Charles-Elie Gentil mail at jiyuusoft.net
Wed Apr 12 10:32:55 CEST 2017


My program run on Mac OS X and Android. I use an HTML model and a CSS stylesheet to create a document with QTextCursor.
In my stylesheet I use this line :

td {
    font: 12px "Comic Sans MS";

With Mac OS X, I don’t have problem with font family (i.e : Comic sans MS, Verdana, …). But with Android, this attribute doesn’t work.

Too, I try with only 

td {
    font-family: "Comic Sans MS";

But here, the font-family doesn’t work on Mac OS X and Android.

Do you notice this problem too ? 

Best regards,


mail at jiyuusoft.net

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