[Interest] [Qt3D] SkyboxEntity textures are not rendered on Windows 7 (just black)

Oleg Evseev ev.mipt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 18:51:43 CEST 2017


Cause Sean is now get busy with SkyboxEntity, I take this opportunity to
ask what could be wrong:

Related to qt3d I have Qml with loader that loads qml with Scene3D. World3D
- root entity is written in C++ and shared with qml with help of

hierarchy is this:
-- renderSettings (as component)
---- viewort (as activeFrameGraph)
------ renderSurfaceSelector
--------  cameraSelector
---------- clearBuffers (light blue)
------------ QNoDraw
---------- layerFilter
------------ layerBackground (added layer)
-- QSkyboxEntity (as a child)
---- layerBackground (as component)
-- other objects

(do not pay attention that there is no frustum culling disabling, it's not
relevant now)

It works with qt 5.8 (on Windows 7 and Android), but when I moved to qt 5.9
SkyboxEntity textures stop being rendered (they are just black) on Windows
(but they are render on Android).
I clean everything unrelated (other objects) to make simple example to post
the bug, but it  works! Skybox entity reneders fine.

Even if I'm not setting parent for other objects in my application (that is
there is only skyboxentity in 3d scene) I can't do the same - skybox is
full black (it's not the clear buffer color by the way).

I'm really confused what can be a problem?
Qml buttons on top of the Scene3D? - No, I check it, simple example still
works with them.

Thanks in advance for help.

With regards, Oleg
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