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I live in America where only the organized crime family known as Google 
is allowed to commit copyright infringement with wanton abandonment.

Copyright has many international treaties which in many/most cases means 
each country involved in the treaty agrees to honor and respect the 
copyright laws of the other. This means it doesn't matter what the 
copyright laws are in _your_ country only what the copyright laws are in 
the country of the copyright owner _if and only if_ both countries share 
a copyright treaty. Here is a link to partial information:


I say it is partial because trademark and copyright law is almost always 
part of trade deals. The trade deal which moved a huge amount of 
computer chip production to Taiwan included such protections. The chip 
fabrication work would not move there without it.

Putting it bluntly, the average schmoe cannot honestly determine which 
set of copyright law governs which work when the copyright holder is not 
the ever immortal "public domain." Just because it is "on the Web" 
doesn't mean it is free to take and use any way you want, despite the 
criminal activity of Google. You don't have Google's bank account for 
the purchase of judges and public officials.

There are common practices which can avoid all major copyright 
infringement issues.

1) Only link to it, never copy it to any form of media in a non-mangled 
usable form.

2) Never give the impression it is yours.

3) Always provide a link back to it, preferably to the page which 
contains it, but some image repos only have galleries.

4) Where possible give credit to copyright holder or the source you 
linked to. (Most news outlets purchase printing rights of images from 
photographers through services so in many cases you can only say 
something like "this photo in USA Today January 27, 1994..."

In general, this is the currently acceptable common courtesy/practice.

On 04/16/2017 06:16 AM, André Pönitz wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 08:56:18AM -0500, Roland Hughes wrote:
>> And some 12 year old kid will do a Web search, find the interest archive
>> messages then do exactly that. Once they release their app into the wild
>> they will be in all kinds of legal trouble. That is why I chimed in. These
>> posts live forever at various places on the Internet. From a technical
>> perspective it is very easy to fetch an image, write it to a local file,
>> then load it for display. Legally, not-so-much.
> Can you please qualify your statements with the jurisdiction you
> are personally interested/are forced|choose to live in/whatever?
> This might help people to set a suitable filter.
> Fortunately, there are still places in the world where 12 year
> olds are allowed to behave as 12 year olds (and worst case bring
> their parents into trouble...)
> Andre'

Roland Hughes, President
Logikal Solutions


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