[Interest] Getting a QImage from an QML Image, protocol, , agnostic QImage?

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Sun Apr 16 16:35:53 CEST 2017

On 17 April 2017 at 00:50, Roland Hughes <roland at logikalsolutions.com> wrote:
> Andre',
> I live in America where only the organized crime family known as Google is
> allowed to commit copyright infringement with wanton abandonment.
> Copyright has many international treaties which in many/most cases means
> each country involved in the treaty agrees to honor and respect the
> copyright laws of the other. This means it doesn't matter what the copyright
> laws are in _your_ country only what the copyright laws are in the country
> of the copyright owner if and only if both countries share a copyright
> treaty. Here is a link to partial information:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_parties_to_international_copyright_agreements
> I say it is partial because trademark and copyright law is almost always
> part of trade deals. The trade deal which moved a huge amount of computer
> chip production to Taiwan included such protections. The chip fabrication
> work would not move there without it.
> Putting it bluntly, the average schmoe cannot honestly determine which set
> of copyright law governs which work when the copyright holder is not the
> ever immortal "public domain." Just because it is "on the Web" doesn't mean
> it is free to take and use any way you want, despite the criminal activity
> of Google. You don't have Google's bank account for the purchase of judges
> and public officials.
> There are common practices which can avoid all major copyright infringement
> issues.

Stop spreading FUD!

We don't need your biased opinion on the matter, go home and take your pills!


> 1) Only link to it, never copy it to any form of media in a non-mangled
> usable form.
> 2) Never give the impression it is yours.
> 3) Always provide a link back to it, preferably to the page which contains
> it, but some image repos only have galleries.
> 4) Where possible give credit to copyright holder or the source you linked
> to. (Most news outlets purchase printing rights of images from photographers
> through services so in many cases you can only say something like "this
> photo in USA Today January 27, 1994..."
> In general, this is the currently acceptable common courtesy/practice.
> On 04/16/2017 06:16 AM, André Pönitz wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 08:56:18AM -0500, Roland Hughes wrote:
> And some 12 year old kid will do a Web search, find the interest archive
> messages then do exactly that. Once they release their app into the wild
> they will be in all kinds of legal trouble. That is why I chimed in. These
> posts live forever at various places on the Internet. From a technical
> perspective it is very easy to fetch an image, write it to a local file,
> then load it for display. Legally, not-so-much.
> Can you please qualify your statements with the jurisdiction you
> are personally interested/are forced|choose to live in/whatever?
> This might help people to set a suitable filter.
> Fortunately, there are still places in the world where 12 year
> olds are allowed to behave as 12 year olds (and worst case bring
> their parents into trouble...)
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