[Interest] Mac: a bit of 10.9 love

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Thu Aug 3 20:23:55 CEST 2017

03.08.2017, 21:15, "Michael Jackson" <mike.jackson at bluequartz.net>:
> I am curious to find out just how many customers of your application
> there are that are _still_ on macOS 10.9?

I don't think "customers" is the right word in the context of MacPorts :)

> Even if it is just a few why are you letting just a few customers hold
> you back from using newer compilers, versions of C++, newer tools. Why
> are you letting those few customers make you take your valuable time to
> backport all this stuff? Unless those are customers that are paying you
> a lot of money to keep the compatibility or there is a hard contractual
> requirement to keep the compatibility...
> In our own project we tried to maintain that backward compatibility but
> we finally realized that we were just holding ourselves back because we
> didn't have access to all the new C++ features in C++11, 14 and upcoming
> 17 specs that we wanted to use. Both to code more efficiently and to
> make our lives easier. We just started punting old compilers and support
> for those. We did one last release based on the older libraries,
> informed our users of the migration to newer tools and have not looked back.
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> René J.V. Bertin wrote:
>>  On Thursday August 03 2017 17:11:56 Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
>>>  Didn't Qt only drop support for building on 10.9? I am pretty sure
>>>  you should be able to build on 10.10+ and deploy to 10.9 if you
>>>  wish. Though I can see
>>  Nope, sadly that's not the case (and I doubt it was the intention
>>  either). You can still install Qt 5.9.1, once you figure out how to
>>  run the installer - last time I tried even the MaintenanceTool.app
>>  insisted on self-updating to a new version that crashed immediately
>>  because of missing symbols referenced from the cocoa QPA. I filed a
>>  QTBUG-61800 about that because it made it impossible to update even
>>  supported Qt versions on OS versions not supported by the latest Qt
>>  version.
>>  The workaround trick I found was to force Qt to use the generic Unix
>>  QPA, which is good enough for basic installers but evidently not for
>>  a meaningful user experience.
>>  On Thursday August 03 2017 15:14:52 Alexandru Croitor wrote:
>>>  Iirc the minimum deployment version was bumped to 10.10 in qt 5.9.
>>>  That was also a change we had to do in webengine
>>  I'm expecting to run into>=10.10 requirements elsewhere in Qt 5.9
>>  when I get around to building it, and I was already afraid that QWE
>>  would require more attention than I really care to give it (it's way
>>  too big to start hacking around in) ... But, "had to" as in "were
>>  obliged to" rather than "chose to"? Why - the BT code that already
>>  required using the 10.10 SDK maybe? All incompatibilities I've seen
>>  in the style and QPA were quite trivial to address (except for those
>>  requiring the "full" 10.10 SDK which 10.9 never got).
>>  With some luck it will still be possible to build QWE 5.8 against Qt
>>  5.9 though, should there be too much to reintroduce (and I wouldn't
>>  mind either dropping BT support either in my build).
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