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Serge K gourmand at inbox.ru
Wed Jan 11 15:34:49 CET 2017

Other issue about patch is - I do not know how it should work internally. To understand I must break my main project, then investigate specific Qt internals (I really do not know how Qt works with Android and how Android should work), find they solution, write code, assemble Qt with it, test and finally send patch to Digia. What will be my benefits for this solution if I will already have working libs? If only Digia would for example contribute me "commercial" license to allow assemble LGPL static applications - this would be a reason. Again - I will spend some unknown time needed for my main project. Therefore I am sure - Qt team must work on it, not me. User's patches are good when they are simple and easy to implement for these users.

Here I want see some response from Qt team members working on Android QtExtras. I want be sure if my bug report about this won't be lost on Bug Tracker. I want be sure if there are real people working on QtExtras.
>Среда, 11 января 2017, 16:36 +03:00 от Shawn Rutledge <Shawn.Rutledge at qt.io>:
>> On 11 Jan 2017, at 13:43, Serge K via Interest < interest at qt-project.org > wrote:
>> I am not sure about patch. I'm going distribute my product using Ministro to reduce space used by Qt libraries. There will be several "parts" of this product distributed separately. But they will use same Qt libs set. Without Ministro each part will have copy of all used Qt libs. But with Ministro parts will share one set of libs. Qt libs will be downloaded by Ministro from Qt repository. Therefore I cannot be sure if patch will be applied before I start distribution. That means I should wait for it. No. I cannot be limited by this.
>That’s a very typical problem almost everyone runs into… you need a workaround for now, but it would still be nice to get it fixed in Qt eventually, even if it takes a year, right?  Then eventually you won’t need your workaround anymore, when Ministro gets updated to the Qt version which has the fix.
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