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Kai Koehne Kai.Koehne at qt.io
Thu Jan 12 11:29:54 CET 2017

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> Thanks Kai,
> thanks for the quick reply!
> I'd be quite happy to read the CSS files from the server rather than injecting
> locally, but I know little about CSS and the website has a whole bunch that all
> happily cross import things.

Hi Frank,

Usually the setup is that the CMS links to the CSS from the HTML. That is, the page
Delivered to the web browser contains lines like 

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/components/com_jcomments/tpl/default/style.css?v=21" type="text/css" />
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/cache/template/gzip.php?widgetkit-e2f1f3d7-9b14bd45.css" type="text/css" />
This is actually from view-source:http://www.nukepedia.com/gizmos/filter/efibonacciglow. The web browser will then automatically try to download and apply e.g. http://www.nukepedia.com/components/com_jcomments/tpl/default/style.css?v=21 . 

I understand that either your CMS is configured wrong, and doesn't include these links, or that you hit a bug in WebEngine where the css for a reason or the other is not fetched, or applied correctly. Can you clarify??

> I have attached the css folder from the website as that will tell you more than
> my ramblings
> If it's possible to simply point QWebView to that online folder and make
> sense of it on the fly, I would be perfectly happy.

See above - it is something that the .html page itself should link to. The QWebEngineSettings::setUserStyleSheetUrl you found is only a fallback, e.g. if you want to tweak the layout of pages you don't have any control over on the server side.

> Otherwise I guess I will have to figure out how to merge all these things into
> a master css.

As I mentioned already, you can also link from a CSS to another CSS by using the @import rule .



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