[Interest] Qt Quick and QML: Surface3D and Scatter3D on the same axis

DavideCATALDO@libero.it davidecataldo at libero.it
Mon Jul 23 13:28:37 CEST 2018

Dear all.

I recently started programming in Qt and QML and I'm having "simple" a problem I'm struggling with for weeks now.

I've got my Qt c++ application that aims to visualize a surface with some points highlighted on it.

I want to visualize a matrix of numbers with a Surface3D QML object. Such Surface3D has got its item parent, axis, camera, input handler, Surface3DSeries and ItemModelSurfaceDataProxy. I did it and the surface is well drawn.
Then I want to overlap a scatterplot on it, highlight some points on such surface. I need to draw a Scatter3D of few points in the same axis of the Surface and display them on the same time. In short, I want the QML equivalent of the MatLab's "hold on".

There are several examples on the net, but all of them display more than one Surface3DSeries in a Surface3D or more that one Scatter3DSeries in a Scatter3D. I could not find anything with a surface and a scatter.

Is it possible to do that?

The next step will be to put labels on such points too.

Thank you in advance,
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