[Interest] Chromium build failure, SSL and Qt 5.6.3 vs 5.6.0,

Christian Gagneraud chgans at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 22:58:41 CEST 2018


We used to build Qt-5.6.3 on and for Linux-i386.
I recently had to downgrade to Qt-5.6.0 (see below), but now the build
fails with:

In function 'ssl3_ChaCha20Poly1305':
error: 'CK_NSS_AEAD_PARAMS {aka struct CK_NSS_AEAD_PARAMS}' has no
member named 'pIv'
     aeadParams.pIv = (unsigned char *) additionalData;
error: 'CK_NSS_AEAD_PARAMS {aka struct CK_NSS_AEAD_PARAMS}' has no
member named 'ulIvLen'
     aeadParams.ulIvLen = 8;

Are there any special requirements,or actually is there a difference
in the requirements, to build Qt5.6.0 vs Qt-5.6.3?


Note: The reason i need to downgrade, is because we have C++ source
generated with QtQuickCompiler, these sources have been generated on
Windows using Qt-5.6.0, and apparently it is not possible to build
these generated sources with Qt-5.6.3 (!?!), cherry on the cake, our
CI build system is i386-linux, ans The Qt Company doesn't provide
binaries of QtQuickCompiler for i386-Linux, nor does it provide
sources to build it ourselves.

Thanks again.


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