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Hi all, 
For our project we see that QQmlExtensionPlugins are not loaded. 
I made a very basic example project that creates a QQmlExtensionPlugin 
and an application that should use. The plugin, with the corresponding 
qmldir, are placed in a plugin subdir in the output directory of the 
The application sets both libraryPath and pluginPath. I output the 
pluginPathList(), I see what I think are the correct folders on the 
debug output. 
I placed a qDebug() in registerTypes of the plugin. I see nothing on the 
debug output. 
Setting QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS to 1 show me a lot of libraries being loaded. 
But not my plugin. 

Try QML_IMPORT_TRACE instead, since QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS is for debugging plugins for Qt itself, not the QML engine.

I work on KDE Neon with g++ 5.4.0, CMake 3.10.0 and Qt 5.10. 
Kind regards, 


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