[Interest] issues with Qt 5.9.3 with eglfs QPA_Platform on DRM/KMS kernel on Arm32/Mali HW

Andrea Venturi ennesimamail.av at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 17:20:23 CET 2018

thanx Laszlo for the fast reply.

Weston indeed is working pretty well, but  two issues:
* is "wasting" a 10%  of CPU power and
* we are finding some issue on the Qt setting the right display

for example this invocation of the example app *hellowindow* was displaying
TWO rotating trolltech logos in the same head.

*/usr/lib/qt/examples/opengl/hellowindow/hellowindow --multiscreen
-platform wayland*

on a dual head desktop PC instead, the windows are shown on different
screens. using the mouse can bring smoothly the rendered windows from a
screen to the other and back.. puzzling!

that's why we were trying to test the "lighter" EGLFS approach.

i appreciate a lot your confirm about ELGFS_KMS being the right "device
integration" for accessing the rendering pipeline with DRM/KMS (the MALI
keyword on eglfs_mali is going to mislead a lot people..). we'll check more
hardly this path now.

on the other hand, the RK3288 is a little different beast, as AFAICS it has
a Midgard core instead of Utgard (MP4xx), but maybe it could be a worthy
experience testing it too, i have a Radxa Rock2 lying around, indeed..

let you know, anyway..
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