[Interest] Bug of the QpixmapCache ?

hizoka hizo at free.fr
Mon Mar 12 19:25:10 CET 2018

Hi every one :)

I use python 3.6.3 with Qt 5.9.1 on my Kubuntu 17.10 and I like that :)

But I have a probleme who smells like a bug...

I use a QpixmapCache for a big gain of time, I load 650 thumbnail jpg files for a size of 8mo.
I increased the cache's limit to 1go.

When I launch my soft, it's perfect, speed, reactive...
But after 2-3 minutes, a lot of Qpixmap are no longer in the QpixmapCache...
And 1-2 minutes after, same thing again...

I have this problem when I use or not my soft, just wait and watch...

I have read old pages (8years ago):

Is it the same old bug ?
A pyqt problem ?
Is it me ?

I have try to reload the cache every second, the memory used increases from 180mo to 270mo.
But if I add a clear() action before reload, that increases to 350mo...
But why ?! 

So i don't understand and people says me to post a mail at this mailing list.

Have you explanation ?
Can you help me ?

Thank you very much and sorry for my english !

Have a nice day.


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