[Interest] Qt for WinRT and openssl

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I’ll let Oliver provide the detailed answer, but the history as such is:

  *   WinRT uses a new networking API. When released Winsock was not only deprecated but disallowed to be used
  *   We implemented network features using that new API.
  *   In the meantime there were sufficient complaints/feature requests, that Microsoft created a new OpenSSL fork (https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-51871 )
  *   A bit later, Winsock2 has been allowed to be used in WinRT (which is called UWP now) again.
  *   The aim is to rather use this in Qt as well, as it shares then the desktop/classic implementation, which gives bigger coverage.

In the meantime we are using the new, but not widely adopted API. SSL is handled via the platform capabilities similar to what we do on mac. If you encounter a specific issue, please create a bugreport and we will follow up there.


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The WinRT platform version of ssl seems to be very limited and doesn't work when accessing web services with certain ssl certificates.

On Android I am using the openssl library successfully so I wanted to use this on WinRT as well. I have built the openssl libraries and included them in the build but it still seems to use the platform ssl version. (I have tried on Qt 5.9 and 5.10)
I used the Microsoft openssl (https://github.com/Microsoft/openssl) version 1.0.2.

Is using openssl supported in Qt for WinRT and if so do I need to do anything else to get it to use those libs?

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