[Interest] [Qt3D] Render same geometry to multiple Scene3D nodes

Gil H qt at tastytech.ca
Wed Mar 28 17:30:14 CEST 2018

Hi Nikita, if you can visualize the different viewpoints inside a single Scene3D object with a custom frame graph and viewports, that would be easy.  See the Qt3D viewports example for that approach.  But I can imagine some scenarios that require a more flexible layout.


If you need multiple viewports that are not connected inside a single Item rectangle, I suggest looking at the source code for Scene3D itself and creating your own special item class which shares a renderer, aspects, etc with other instances of the same item. 







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I have a big amount of data to render (a point cloud) which changes every frame. Also I have multiple Scene3D nodes where I want to visualize the geometry with different camera views. I have one root entity which holds 3d objects and since an entity can have only one parent, only one scene shows the picture. Duplicating the geometry for every view will a lot of processing time and I'd like to avoid that. How can I achieve what I want?


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