[Interest] Deploying open-source Qt-based applications to the AppStore

Jaime Robles jaime at robles.es
Thu Mar 29 13:28:00 CEST 2018

GPL does not prevent you to get money or sell your app.
You need to keep your sources available and free/open... Qt  licenses is
for free software so... I see no problem to do what you are proposing
although I am not a lawyer  ;-)


El jue., 29 mar. 2018 13:22, Corentin Jabot <corentinjabot at gmail.com>

> I'm currently working on a Qt-based application that is fully open-source
> (LGPL, though we are considering re-licensing to MIT/BSD) and using the
> open-source Qt version.
> We are contemplating working on an iOS version with the goal to deploy it
> on the AppStore.
> In this scenario, can we use the GPL version of Qt, or do we absolutely
> need a commercial license ?
> Thanks !
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