[Interest] Deploying open-source Qt-based applications to the AppStore

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 13:42:20 CEST 2018

On 29/03/18 14:22, Corentin Jabot wrote:
> I'm currently working on a Qt-based application that is fully 
> open-source (LGPL, though we are considering re-licensing to MIT/BSD) 
> and using the open-source Qt version.
> We are contemplating working on an iOS version with the goal to deploy 
> it on the AppStore.
> In this scenario, can we use the GPL version of Qt, or do we absolutely 
> need a commercial license ?
> Thanks !

Since your app is open-source and LGPL compatible, you can use the LGPL 
version of Qt. However, note that there might be other issues with the 
AppStore and GNU licenses. From the FSF:


There have been cases where (L)GPL-licensed software was banned from the 
AppStore by Apple. On the other hand, other GPL apps are still there. I 
do not know if this is because they're keeping a low profile to avoid 
Apple noticing them, or they're allowed to stay.

In any event, there seems to be some sort of issue, and you probably 
would need to seek advice on this. Even if you license your app under 
MIT or BSD, the Qt you ship would still be LGPL and thus the AppStore 
issue could still be there.

(For what it's worth, if it was me, I would just publish the app and 
assume Apple is not going to do anything, but note that THIS IS NOT 

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