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On 9/30/18 5:27 PM, interest-request at qt-project.org wrote:
>> I'm returning there for a few months to participate in a re-evaluation
>> process. They are considering ditching Qt for Electron. Doing side by
>> side development on all platforms to see which works best for them.
>> When we stumble into one of those features we need which doesn't exist
>> on all platforms, there won't be any way I can continue making a case
>> for Qt.
> Qt is far more superior over Electron in any sense except only one:
> developer in Qt must be more skilled than common html/css/js developer
> due to tight links to C++
> So, your customer does not choose between "good" and "bad" tech. It's
> just a question of HR and TTM
Actually they are choosing between tech. There is very little 
development happening. Just creating a browser based/type application 
which serves up local content without Internet access. Must run on 
massive number of platforms. Once deployed the content can be changed 
out at will but the application does not change. The locally running app 
needs to do things most of today's browsers won't allow. Things Electron 
claims to provide (not tried yet)

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