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Thu Apr 1 13:05:59 CEST 2021

In general, I agree with Roland about the need for stability.  The past 20
years we've spent most of our programming time just keeping up with Mac OS
changes. Meanwhile the Windows competition has been adding features.

We want a platform that lets our C++ code be a cash cow, without all the
current upkeep. Stability for even longer than 15 years would be nice. Our
sales are about half Mac and half Windows, so cross-platform is the dream.
We want someone else to make the port to M1, and whatever Apple charges
into next. Then we can focus on solving problems for construction
companies, rather than rewriting GUI code just to stay in the same place.

Qt promises that, but the Qt team responses on this thread make me nervous
about it being delivered. When folks get defensive, that's often a bad sign.

I'm new to the Qt world, but the mix of an open-source project and a
profit-making company sounds extremely complicated.  Targeting everything
from medical devices to desktops sounds very complicated.

I hope this forum isn't muzzled. Critical comments on a list like this are
not libel. They provide useful information amongst the noise. Netiquette is
about courtesy between humans. Corporations and projects don't have
feelings to hurt, so they probably need less protection.

Casey McDermott

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