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Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Thu Apr 29 10:22:56 CEST 2021

On 29/04/2021 00:42, Giuseppe D'Angelo via Interest wrote:
> If the answer is yes, you were lying. If the answer is no, or you don't
> answer, then you're trolling the mailing list. You'll get my apology;
> I'll even throw in, for free, my personal congratulations for the long
> trolling. But, you'll get a nice permanent ban from here.

No reply. Yes, you're not the only one who can set arbitrary deadlines 
for other people, pal.

I'll just go with the script then: you DID believe those links to be true.

Then, please accept my deepest and most sincere apologies for calling 
you a liar.

I'll state it again, very clearly, all uppercase:


Please accept the attached fruit basket as a gesture of good will.


Where does this leave us, then?

At BEST, you have been trolling the mailing list, sending inflammatory 
false content with the purpose of getting a strong reaction from the 

At WORST, you have demonstrated some abysmal gross incompetence, since 
in order to win an argument you:

* googled some keywords;
* got the first couple of links that seemed to match your thesis;
* didn't even bother to read the contents;
* pasted the links here believing they were true, without questioning 
the veracity of such explosive statements;
* when busted, dug your hole even deeper by keeping arguing in that 

(...I'm not alone about bringing this possibility forward...)

Spoiler alert, the links were April fools' jokes. They have never been 
true, and it was even written in the articles that they were jokes. With 
such precedents, why should anyone believe *any* other argument you 
bring forward?


In either case, it is abundantly clear who's full of shit around here.

It is also clear to me that moderation on this list doesn't exist, or if 
it exists, it doesn't want to get sides, and/or considers these 
behaviours acceptable.

I don't. And I don't send ultimatums or threats of libel lawsuits 
(seriously?) around, including to the moderators, in order to force them 
to make a move.

Hence, I'll be removing myself from this list, effective immediately.

You win. Audience claps. Curtains.

Ad astra per aspera,
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