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Thu Apr 29 10:41:21 CEST 2021

I totally agree with you, Guiseppe.

I am subscribed to this list for a long time as it happened several times
in the past that the issues I was facing with Qt were already solved here.
But the list became more of a Roland's trolling sandbox, where he is
throwing sand in others' eyes and having great fun of that, with less and
less useful content in this list over time. I think that more and more
people get tired of those endless rants and just go somewhere else.

So do I.


On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 10:27 AM Giuseppe D'Angelo via Interest <
interest at qt-project.org> wrote:

> On 29/04/2021 00:42, Giuseppe D'Angelo via Interest wrote:
> > If the answer is yes, you were lying. If the answer is no, or you don't
> > answer, then you're trolling the mailing list. You'll get my apology;
> > I'll even throw in, for free, my personal congratulations for the long
> > trolling. But, you'll get a nice permanent ban from here.
> No reply. Yes, you're not the only one who can set arbitrary deadlines
> for other people, pal.
> I'll just go with the script then: you DID believe those links to be true.
> Then, please accept my deepest and most sincere apologies for calling
> you a liar.
> I'll state it again, very clearly, all uppercase:
> Please accept the attached fruit basket as a gesture of good will.
> ===
> Where does this leave us, then?
> At BEST, you have been trolling the mailing list, sending inflammatory
> false content with the purpose of getting a strong reaction from the
> participants.
> At WORST, you have demonstrated some abysmal gross incompetence, since
> in order to win an argument you:
> * googled some keywords;
> * got the first couple of links that seemed to match your thesis;
> * didn't even bother to read the contents;
> * pasted the links here believing they were true, without questioning
> the veracity of such explosive statements;
> * when busted, dug your hole even deeper by keeping arguing in that
> direction.
> (...I'm not alone about bringing this possibility forward...)
> Spoiler alert, the links were April fools' jokes. They have never been
> true, and it was even written in the articles that they were jokes. With
> such precedents, why should anyone believe *any* other argument you
> bring forward?
> ===
> In either case, it is abundantly clear who's full of shit around here.
> It is also clear to me that moderation on this list doesn't exist, or if
> it exists, it doesn't want to get sides, and/or considers these
> behaviours acceptable.
> I don't. And I don't send ultimatums or threats of libel lawsuits
> (seriously?) around, including to the moderators, in order to force them
> to make a move.
> Hence, I'll be removing myself from this list, effective immediately.
> You win. Audience claps. Curtains.
> Ad astra per aspera,
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