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On Thu, 29 Apr 2021 at 13:46, Tuukka Turunen <tuukka.turunen at qt.io> wrote:

> Perhaps we have been too long tolerant for the behavior that many see
> problematic (myself included). The challenge is the mix of valid and
> invalid items. It is easier to react to things that are clear violations to
> our CoC: http://quips-qt-io.herokuapp.com/quip-0012-Code-of-Conduct.html
> and nothing else.

First off, thanks for dropping a line - at least, there's indication that
TQtC is watching, unlike last year when it took much longer before the list
went on complete pre-moderation. Now, having been (and being) a moderator
in other open-source forums, I'm a bit puzzled. There are particular lines
in the CoC that have been very clearly stepped over: "Be considerate", "Be
respectful" and "Be collaborative", among others. From some point, there
was little consideration to and respect for each other in this thread and
especially its predecessor. And what's happening here is very far from
collaboration, let alone being on-topic. Recommendations from the "Get
support from others" part of CoC[1] are also most obviously disregarded.
What kind of clarity do you need to take action, Tuukka? There were
downright personal accusations (false or not - doesn't even matter),
calling names, inflammatory rather than constructive postings, offtopic
here - what else do you need?

[1] http://quips-qt-io.herokuapp.com/quip-0012-Code-of-Conduct.html#id10

Kind regards,

>  On the positive side, we have not had that much of these over the years.
> We have not been banning people regularly, so we also lack a bit of
> precedence with this. Technically it is a trivial thing to remove someone
> from a mailing list. The challenging part is to decide when it is time to
> do that.
> Yours,
>                 Tuukka
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> *Date: *Thursday, 29. April 2021 at 14.23
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> *Subject: *Re: [Interest] L Word
> Yeah, maybe that's part of the problem but, as you said, the solution
> should be simple: he leaves the mailing list
> or, if that's not possible, the admins "make him leave".
> On top, with his ramblings and often totally wrong assertions (the
> "April's fool link"-gate scandal has been absolutely
> hilarious, almost as the subsequent attempt to regain some
> credibility, yeah .. nice try) he has now managed to scare
> the hell out of me the next time I'll be tied to a medical device: the
> mere chance he may be behind it now makes me
> extremely nervous. Even if it's only a blood pressure monitor.
> Losing valuable people in the mailing list and, at some point, the
> mailing list at all is like throwing away a Ferrari
> because a pidgeon keeps shitting on it. I'd argue that getting rid of
> the pidgeon is a more sensible solution.
> On Thu, 29 Apr 2021 at 12:05, Bernhard Lindner
> <private at bernhard-lindner.de> wrote:
> >
> > The main problem isn't trolling. The main problem is: Roland comes from
> a completely
> > different world. The world of functional safety. This world is difficult
> and a completely
> > different from conventional software development. It is particularly
> different from
> > smartphone and web development. And it doesn't have much to do with
> desktop software
> > development. I have also been in this world for more than 3 years. A
> world where
> > programming is the least important thing. Where documentation is
> important. And the law.
> > And prison. And accuracy and multi-level tests and reliability and
> verification and
> > validation and standards. And many years of support. And certifications.
> A person who has
> > worked in this world for a long time has different priorities. Roland
> calls this "True
> > Software Engineering".
> >
> > Obviously, Qt has nothing to do with this type of software engineering.
> And it's obviously
> > not suitable for functional safety (at least not if you take it
> seriously).
> >
> > What I don't understand is why Roland doesn't just leave the mailing
> list and forget about
> > Qt. Qt is not suitable for use in his industrial sector, so I can't
> understand why he
> > spends so much time writing about the conflict between the reality of Qt
> and the reality
> > of his industrial sector. If I were him, I would have given up trying to
> influence Qt's
> > strategy a long time ago.
> >
> > (Actually, I'm about to give up my hopes for desktop development with
> Qt).
> >
> > So, Roland, why are you keeping the conflicts going?
> >
> > --
> > Best Regards,
> > Bernhard Lindner
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