[Interest] Qt 6.2 vs. Qt 5.15 – The Feature Parity Comparison – QtPDF

Heiko Gerdau hg at technosis.de
Fri Sep 3 09:52:04 CEST 2021

Am 02.09.21 um 15:14 schrieb Benjamin TERRIER:
> Hi
> I just went through the latest news article: 
> https://www.qt.io/blog/qt-6.2-vs.-qt-5.15-the-feature-parity-comparison 
> <https://www.qt.io/blog/qt-6.2-vs.-qt-5.15-the-feature-parity-comparison>
> And the linked feature comparison table: 
> https://www.qt.io/product/qt6/qt-5-15-vs-6-2-feature-comparison 
> <https://www.qt.io/product/qt6/qt-5-15-vs-6-2-feature-comparison>
> And it states this about Qt PDF:
>     Due to its limited adoption in Qt 5, we are still studying whether
>     to port this add-on module to Qt 6. Please let us know whether and
>     how you are using this module. Existing projects can pull the
>     relevant code from the 5.15 branch into their project.
> Qt PDF was added in Qt 5.14, so it has only been there since 2 minor 
> versions of Qt 5.
> Since then we also had 2 minor versions of Qt 6 without this module.
> Also the module was stripped from the open source online installer, and 
> open source users had to build it themselves or buy a $50 license on Qt 
> marketplace.
> Given all of this I find weird to use Qt PDF adoption as an excuse for 
> dropping it. It basically never had a chance.
> Regards
> Benjamin


I agree. Maybe it needs some promotion. QtPdf is a really nice module. 
It works on the desktop and with qml. We use it in both worlds and up to 
now we waited for that port to be able to move on to Qt6. Now I'm worried.
Why is it so hard to keep it in Qt6? As far as I know it wasn't changed 
much since its birth in Qt5. It just works.
How is the adoption measured? Downloads?
Our main usecase is the quick display of stored external (and selfmade) 
PDF-documents without the need to start an external application. Is that 
so uncommon?


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