[Interest] Could NOT find Qt6WebSockets trying to compile Qt 6.2.6 (Ubuntu 22.04)

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue Jan 10 01:07:40 CET 2023

On Monday, 9 January 2023 12:36:33 PST Stefan Seefeld wrote:
> We are actually using the commercial license. I downloaded the source
> package and am trying to build (and package) it internally so we can
> include it in various environments (docker images, say).
> I'm just following the official docs, and had no reason to not use the
> `qt-eveywhere-src` source package.

The reason is what I stated: the qt-everywhere package is not as well-tested 
as the individual modules that compose it. The modules are tested on a daily 
basis by the CI. The everywhere package is not.

The everywhere package breaks every other month in dev (and I only build it 
once a month). I have no way of knowing if what gets backported to any branch 
can break it or not. We can hope the majority of breakages come from the 
innovations that go into CMake, but that's not a guarantee.
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