[Localization] Hello? I am willing to fix some translations. FR "About" in, MAC_APPLICATION_MENU, QPlatformTheme

lloyd konneker bootch at nc.rr.com
Thu Aug 21 18:28:37 CEST 2014

Regarding my statement that translations are wrong in some words, some 
languages in the context MAC_APPLICATION_MENU.   Please disregard my 
statement, it is not true .  I found that the qt translations ARE valid, 
if you use git to download the .ts files.  I had copy and pasted the 
files from the 'raw blob' in the browser window, and somehow that 
process messes the data.

In regard to contributing translations so that QPlatformTheme is 
translated.  I read the Qt wiki pages.  I think they would be clearer if 
they say as follows:

Qt5 ships with Qt4 translations (e.g. qt_xx.ts) until a member of the 
community converts them to Qt5 translations.  In Qt5, for each language 
there is one qt_xx.ts file (the same name as the Qt4 file, but with 
different contents) that references other translations files e.g. 
qtbase_xx.ts.  The first step of the conversion is to split the old Qt4 
translation file into many translations files. This step is done by a 
perl script.  This step requires a full repository copy of the Qt 
source, since as part of the conversion it runs lupdate on the Qt source 
to refresh the splitted template (.ts) files.  The conversion captures 
the old translated texts, but it also marks each translation as 
incomplete, and adds user-facing strings that are new or moved in Qt5.  
The next step of the conversion process is to run Linguist on each 
converted template (.ts) and update the translations: 1) mark each 
translation as complete if the translated text from Qt4 is still valid 
2) provide translated text for translations new to Qt5 (such as in 
context QPlatformTheme.)  The next step of the conversion process is to 
commit the splitted files.

Until the conversion is done (by a member of the community) the 
translations provided by a single Qt4 qt_xx.ts file is incomplete, since 
it lacks translations for user-facing texts that are new to (or have 
been moved in) Qt5 (such as the texts for standard buttons in the 
QPlatformTheme.)  This is mostly harmless, since there are few such new 
or moved user-facing texts (except for standard buttons, which many apps 

Many applications using Qt will not require changes to accomodate any 
splitting of translation files from Qt4 to Qt5, since the applications 
can still load a QTranslator for qt_xx.ts (and the fact that it in turn 
references other .ts files is hidden from the application.)  However, 
certain applications may require code changes, for example a PyQt 
application that compiles resources such as .ts files into a single 
resource file will need to understand (at least in the build process) 
the splitting of .ts files from Qt4 to Qt5.


Regarding this link for downloading the template files 

That seems to suggest that any splitting of translations from Qt4 to Qt5 
that a contributor might do should be done in the stable 5.3 (or 5.3.1?) 
branch.  I don't understand how such commits would flow, especially into 
distributions.  Would they be considered like a critical bug fix, 
immediately available to anyone who downloaded and built the 5.3 
branch?  And how would they be merged in 5.4, which apparently has 
already split the translation files from Qt4 to Qt5, but has not marked 
the translations complete?  (Wouldn't there be a merge conflict?) Maybe 
I just need to study Qt's model of version control.

???Qt 3.4 will ship only with split translation files, whether or not 
any community member bothers to update the translations (so most 
translations will remain incomplete) ???

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