[Localization] Updating translations by e-mail

Sveinn í Felli sv1 at fellsnet.is
Thu Nov 2 13:00:28 CET 2017

Þann fim  2.nóv 2017 10:32, skrifaði Fòram na Gàidhlig:
> Sgrìobh Oswald Buddenhagen na leanas 01/11/2017 aig 08:45:
>> On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 03:00:33PM +0100, scootergrisen wrote:
>>> The process for submitting translations to Qt and reading the
>>> documentation on how to do it is far to complicated.
>> with sufficient will, one gets used to gerrit pretty quickly.
> You might be so used to it by now that you underestimate how difficult
> it can be.

A couple of things to highlight some (cultural) differences:

Localizers, especially translators, are quite often language-geeks with 
decent-to-moderate computer-skills. There exist some highly capable 
computer nerds with decent language-skills, but IMHO that's an 
exception; translations by computer-buffs tend to be inadequate.

In large localization communities, there's the possibility to engage 
persons to each their domain depending on skills; translators vs. 
reviewers vs. coordinators vs. committers. But in small communities, not 
to mention in all the one-man teams, this is not the case.

Since many of us are volonteers giving away our *time*, then it should 
be seriously considered how to make the most of this time, which would 
be by working on things where our *skills* can be of service.
Learning Git or Gerrit is not a great way of spending one's free time, 
at least for me.

Ignoring to translate Qt is not an option for those who really want to 
be able to present a fully translated/localized environment; too many 
applications become only partially translated if not done properly.

Now, translations where there are next to no barriers to commit, these 
tend to be of very inconsistent quality (looking at you Launchpad.net). 
Surely many of us translators can manage some kind of web-interface 
(Github/Gitlab), even protocols like SVN, given we have clear and 
precise instructions. Some projects I participate in, require an Issue 
in Github/Gitlab, which is not too complicated - but some projects 
insist on a Merge Request, which is totally frightening for newcomers.
Both procedures require an action from some developer, which is not that 
much different from what's needed if translations could be sent in via 

Of course best would be to have some automated way to send in 
translations - not necessarily for on-line translation - but some kind 
of a gateway for committing.
I could mention examples like DamnedLies (GNOME) or the archaic 
email-robot at translationproject.org (just works™), but I guess there 
are many more available.

Just some thoughts,

Sveinn í Felli

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