[PySide] PySide is Dead?

Stephan Deibel sdeibel at wingware.com
Mon Dec 10 16:37:37 CET 2012

Algis Kabaila wrote:
> I've been away from PySide, and even Python, for several months. In 
> fact, for many month. So if I want to take it up again, should I go to 
> PyQt or PySide? My time is running out. Like running really out. 
> permanently. So where is PySide at?

The issue for at least some of us is PyQt's licensing.  It would be 
impossible for us to use PyQt so we don't have this choice.  If you do, 
then PyQt is probably going to be more mature to work with.

To be more specific:  We have a scripting API for our product, which is 
used by software developers.  PyQt's licensing model would define all 
our customers as PyQt developers and thus require the developer license 
fee for each (which I think costs more than our product).

I don't know the details of why e.g. Nokia didn't want to use PyQt but 
it may be essentially the same thing.  So it may be the PySide user base 
will turn out to be mainly commercial companies w/ a scripting API in 
their product that allows some sort of access to PyQt.

> Yes, short of knowledgeable people. Who is not?! I just looked up 
> mailing list archives. To call it an archive is a joke - start at 
> February 2012, indeed! Where are the earlier emails? I can not believe 
> that everything prior to Feb 2012 is lost. If it is, then the written 
> history is lost and it sure means "death by a thousand cuts".

I don't know about the email archives specifically but a bunch of stuff 
was lost in the transition from Nokia.  Some of it can be found via 
archive.com's Way Back Machine (enter the URL there and you get a 
calendar w/ marks for the snapshots they have stored).  However, I don't 
know what the old URLs for the archives would have been.  Anyone know 
that?  If so, can you note this in the wiki?

As far as how PySide moves forward:  I think it's a question of whether 
there are enough people around in the same shoes of not being able to 
use PyQt.  Globally, there probably are.  But there is still going to be 
a transition period the project needs to go through.

- Stephan

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