[PySide] PySide is Dead?

Hugo Parente Lima hugo.lima at openbossa.org
Mon Dec 10 18:32:15 CET 2012

On Monday, December 10, 2012 11:26:47 AM John Ehresman wrote:
> On 12/10/12 8:38 AM, Hugo Parente Lima wrote:
> > Is normal, our the binding generator code base is a mess to
> > understand due to various historical events occurred during the
> > development, in the ideal world the generator would be written in
> > Python with a clean code base, just the helper libraries in C++
> > (libshiboken and libpyside), but this would require a full rewrite
> > of the generator :-/. Our typesystem file inherited from Qt-Jambi
> > is also not the better way to give hints to the generator about how
> > to generate bindings.
> My thought on the code generator was to have the C++ parser write the
> parse tree out to some xml file that could then be read by a code
> generator written in python.  Then the C++ parser could possibly be
> replaced with something else and the generator could be more quickly
> improved since it's now implemented in python.  Changing it would
> still require C++ knowledge, though, because it's emitting C++ code.

There's GCCXML[1], so the python program just read the output of GCC XML plus 
some other file with meta information equivalent to the current typesystem but 
less verbose and outputs the binding code, seems easy, but it's a looooonnng 
[1] http://www.gccxml.org/

> > There are a lot of bug reports, but the Jira bug tracker is
> > horrible to search bugs, change bug status, etc...
> Is there anyone on this list that knows enough about the bug tracker
> to help people learn how to use it effectively?  I think I gave up
> when I tried to close one of the bugs I reported and couldn't figure
> out how to do it.  Or should we be looking for another tracker?
> Cheers,
> John
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