[PySide] Another Qt5 ETA question..

João Ventura joaojonesventura at gmail.com
Wed May 7 18:57:22 CEST 2014

Hi there,

are there any efforts being made by PySide members about Qt5? In another 
Christian Tismer mentioned that he was starting over on PySide 5, so is 
anything being discussed somewhere?

I've been using PySide since 0.x versions, wrote some tutorials in the 
PySide wiki, and PySide/Qt4 has served me fine so far, but I'm needing 
some "Retina" support for my next project(s). Small things, such as 
"retina" support on QPixmaps and other things like that only seem 
available in Qt5..

QtQuick/PyOtherSide in Qt5 is an alternative but I (and as it seems, the 
majority of people in the business) still prefer imperative programming, 
and PyQt5 annual licence is not an option for some of us.

I'm willing to participate (with code, not only with "talk") in a 
collaborative effort to bring PySide to Qt5, anyone cares to point the 

João Ventura

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