[PySide] PySide Is Dead?

Mik Wells mikw at imagineersystems.com
Mon Feb 9 18:49:42 CET 2015

I concur whole-heartedly with Stephan.  We're using Pyside/Qt4 and our professional products have a Python scripting API.

We're also concerned about the lack of shiboken bindings for Qt5 and when Digia end support for Qt4 this will become a big issue for us and it will prevent us moving to Qt5. When this happens we will start to seriously evaluate our options. Until that day, Pyside shouldn't be declared as dead!



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Robert Vinluan wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.  I've been using PySide/Qt4 for a bit now and 
> it's working great!
> But I'm also interested to know about future development -- is it just 
> stalled or is it completely off the table?  And why?
> Plus I'm also interested to know about the PySide community.  Is there 
> still enough support or is everyone already moving on to something 
> else, i.e. PyQt?  I know that's a tough question to answer but wanted 
> to get some thoughts on this.

I think that current users are on Qt4 and don't have immediate plans to move to Qt5 so that work isn't being done.  It'll happen when someone gets to that point.

The same is true about replacing Shiboken or otherwise partly rewriting PySide, which in the long term probably is needed to make it more maintainable.  It works well enough for people, so the motivation hasn't been high enough for someone to take that on.

Most of the more serious and heavily invested current users of PySide are there because of licensing issues in PyQt and thus can't just move over to PyQt.  The key issue is that if someone sells a product with a scripting API then PyQt requires paying a per-user licensing fee.  Not a large one, but it's still a problem for some, for example if you're giving away a lot of free licenses on the side, or just want to avoid this sort of entanglement.  I doubt that is going away, but if it does than so may PySide.

- Stephan

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