[PySide] Latest git download will not compile

Alexandru Croitor alexandru.croitor at qt.io
Fri Jan 25 11:17:03 CET 2019

Hi, can you provide a link to the source archive you used?

In the meantime, you could simply use git to clone the pyside-setup repo, and checkout the 5.12 branch.

-> git clone --recursive https://code.qt.io/pyside/pyside-setup

On 25. Jan 2019, at 08:51, Doug Hutcheson <owlbrudder at gmail.com<mailto:owlbrudder at gmail.com>> wrote:

I have googled for this without success. I am new to the list and do not know how to search it - my apologies if this is a known issue.

I am trying to compile this project for the first time, so perhaps I am doing something stupid.

In pyside-setup/sources/shiboken2/, I run cmake . and the script issues the following message:

CMake Error at generator/CMakeLists.txt:29 (add_executable):
  Cannot find source file:


Sure enough, there is no such file on my machine.

The problem seems to stem from this block starting at line 6 of generator/CMakeLists.txt:


None of the files listed for the shiboken2 directory exist.

What have I done wrong? All help gratefully received.
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