[QBS] [Development] How about the future of qbs after Nokia sells Qt to Digia?

Charley Bay charleyb123 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 15:32:36 CEST 2012

Yuchen spaketh:

> I noticed Nokia stop developing qbs for a long time, and qtcreator's
> wip/qbs seems stop developing too.
> And for now Nokia sells Qt to Digia, I want know how about the future of
> qbs?
> If the Digia give up qbs, I will choice CMake as my build system.
> So, any news or commens are very welcome!

I was wondering this too -- Digia, care to comment?

I know there are lots of things going on, so it's likely details like the
"qbs" effort may take some time to plan-out.  However, it would be good to
"get-a-feel" for direction for an effort like "qbs".

Even if the answer is, "We're looking into it, and will get back to you
later", that's fine.  However, if the decision is made, please let us know.

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